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M    I    S    S    O    U    R    I
The County Commission is the governing body of Lincoln County and is responsible for setting policy and procedures for the county.

The commission is composed of three members, the Presiding Commissioner, District One Commissioner and District Two Commissioner. County commissioners, collectively or by designation of the presiding commissioner, represent the county on a number of regional councils relating to health, education and welfare of the citizenry.

The commission is responsible for managing all real and personal property belonging to the county. They may purchase, lease or receive by donation any real or personal property for the use and benefit of the county. In addition, they possess the right to sell or convey any real estate or goods belonging to the county, appropriating such sales to the use of the county. All warrants issued by the county for salaries and payment of bills are approved by the county commission.

The county budget officer is responsible for compiling the annual budget; however, the commission has the final approval of the budget and may make any adjustments, increasing or decreasing budget amounts as they deem necessary.

The County Commission has direct supervision of the county highway department, emergency management, floodplain management, economic development and safety.

Lincoln County continues to attract many new residents each year and is one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri. The county population is estimated at approximately 55,000. Seven cities and four villages are located in the county with Troy serving as the county seat.

The county's close proximity to the St. Louis area encourages many families to relocate to Lincoln County.

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Dan Colbert, Presiding Commissioner
Term: January 2011-December 2014
Matt Bass, Associate Commissioner #2
Term: January 2013-December 2016
Gene Galloway, Associate Comissioner #1
Term:  January 2013 - December 2016